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Me and My Ex-Friend “GLUTEN”… + The Potential signs/symptoms of this sometimes dysfunctional relationship

An Introduction to My Personal Story & to the World of Gluten-related Disorders: When a friend really isn’t a friend at all, but instead turns out to be a foe… it usually becomes very obvious,  at least  to those who care about us.  Because as the signs & symptoms of inflicted harm come to light, the foe becomes exposed… usually, that is … but not always. There are times when it can be very challenging to discover the true cause of trouble… especially when the relationship being dealt with proves to be highly complex & far-reaching… which is how it came to be in my own situation ["relationship"] with gluten! …harm unrecognized far too long because the connection between my various ailments and to having a gluten-related disorder was not obvious [not typical].   Plus, it was very reasonable for me to accept other legitimate explanations for the various progressive issues plaguing me.   >> Click Here to Read More at: The Way to Nourish fo