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Love always wins...over loneliness (Spanish) El amor gana sobre la soledad.

Blanca nos invita a reflexionar sobre los nuevos tipos de soledad en la edad moderna de las telecomunicaciones.... 

¿Todos más comunicados pero más solos que nunca?
 ¿Cómo podemos evitar la soledad y el aislamiento en la era de las Redes Sociales?

Por Blanca Ahumada Otero

aquí video completo...

Facebook Memories: On This Day

I'm sure whenever you log into Facebook, you've noticed the Facebook Memories: On This Day.  It can either be seen through a friend's sharing of their memories or there's a tab on the left of your newsfeed under "Apps" that you can click on and see your own. Sometimes I wonder what's in other peoples' On this Day.  Is it the same political stuff they're posting now?  Their favorite cause?  They never seem to post anything very personal, so I wonder what their life is really like. You can read the article and view the photo gallery at Being Catholic ... Really.

Join the Pope's Official Prayer Group!

The Pope has a prayer group, and it's called the Apostleship of Prayer.

The international Apostleship of Prayer website has a map of the prayer group's offices around the world:

These offices serve the Church by uniting people in prayer for the Pope's personal intentions. I love clicking on the links to Apostleship of Prayer sites from various countries. Just a few minutes on these sites helps me work on my foreign language skills and provides a glimpse into the vibrant prayer lives of our brothers and sisters around the globe.

When Pope Francis visited the US last month, he asked at every stop for people to pray for him. The worldwide Apostleship of Prayer gives us a concrete way to do exactly that.

Find out how to become a member of the prayer group St. Therese of Lisieux joined at Praying with Grace!

WMOF Trivia for Your Dinner Table

A variety of wholesome vegetables are steaming in their matching crockery. Tall glasses of cool, filtered water reflect the light streaming in from the bay window. The smiling children are not only washed, but dressed in clean, properly sized clothing. The angels are singing. Just another typical mealtime at your house. Because you are a stock photo.
No one started the dishwasher, so the tableware is an adventurous collection of paper plates
and "probably clean" dishes.
The three-year old is screaming because her Dino-Nugget head is burnt. Ketchup is the vegetable. Again. Oh, and does anyone know where the baby is?
Whichever scenario looks more like your family, have I got a dinner game for you!
World Meeting of Families: The Trivia Game
Let the trivia begin at Praying with Grace!

How to use Facebook for prayer

How to use Facebook for Prayer, an article written by Annie Turner for Busted Halo caught my attention right away. There are days when I spend an inordinate amount of time on Facebook.  I have to admit that I don't pay a lot of attention to my friends' posts.  Most of the time I'm looking for inspiration for my blog or just something to brighten my own day.  It didn't occur to me as I scrolled through my news feed that some of my friends might need a prayer or two. You can read the rest at Being Catholic ... Really.

Are you friends with your boss on Facebook?

Are you friends with your boss on Facebook?  My boss and I had this discussion the other day.  Fortunately, we both agree that we will not be friends on Facebook.

You can read the rest at Being Catholic ... Really.

"Are Their Souls Not Worth $200?"

Some time ago on Facebook, I got a message from (what I thought was...) my Bishop.  He was very kind and ministering to me, asking about my walk, quoting scripture, and even giving me the link to his blog to read.  These messages happened over several days, and I was rather enjoying our little private conversations....  CLICK HERE FOR MORE

An example of how the gay marriage issue is already affecting our lives.

The van pulled up to the candy factory, our very first homeschool field trip!! Calvin was dressed neatly in his pressed jeans and clean T-shirt, and Sam was secured in his stroller. I had just met this group of homeschooling ladies and I wanted to make a good first impression with all of them. It seemed that most of them knew each other and we were outsiders hoping to join. Just before we went in for our group tour of the factory, another young women hollered for us to wait! She was pushing a little girl in a umbrella stroller while wresting with the diaper bag and all that went with it. She flashed me a friendly smile and we soon started up a conversation.

 Robin was a new first-time mom, although she had been friends to most of the ladies in this group for many years.  She had waited and waited to become a mom and was now thrilled with her pretty little girl, Chloe. And although it would still be a few years before Chloe would be school aged, Robin wanted to be part of the homesc…