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Saint Winifred - Saint of the Day

A repost from Costing Not Less Than Everything

Seventh-century Abbess of Gwytherin in Denbighshire, miraculously restored to life by Saint Bueno after being beheaded by an angry rejected suitor.

Her miraculous healing well is still busy today at Holywell, known as the Lourdes of Wales, and remains a place of pilgrimage. There is also a healing well named after the saint at Woolston in Shropshire.

For fans of Brother Cadfael, the monk detective, her relics feature in A Morbid Taste for Bones, by Ellis Peters.

Here is an ancient hymn to St Winifred:

Virgo Venans Velut Rosa – Virgin Blossoming as the Rose

More fair than all the vernal flowers 
Embosom’d in the dales, 
St. Winifred in beauty bloom’d 
The rose of ancient Wales. 

With every loveliest grace adorn’d, 
The Lamb’s unsullied Bride, 
Apart from all the world she dwelt 
Upon this mountain side. 

Till Caradoc, with impious love, 
Her fleeing steps pursued, 
And in her sacred maiden blood 
His cruel hands imbrued. 

He straight the debt of ven…