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10 Minute Daily Retreat: 7 Months, 7 Gifts of the Holy Spirit

I recently received the gift of tickets to see Andre Rieu. The concert isn’t scheduled for another six months so I've stored the tickets away until I need them. Imagine if I lose them! Or if I forget I even had them! I will never experience the true joy the gift was intended to bring me. Nor could I genuinely show appreciation to my generous gift giver. God has provided us with spiritual gifts with which to live the spiritual life. Over the next 7 months, the 10 Minute Daily Retreat will reflect on 7 of these gifts; one every month. In June, we will reflect on the gift of Wisdom. 'Don't turn your back on wisdom, for she will protect you. Love her, and she will guard you.' Proverbs 4:6 Join us on our journey! Reflections can be sent by email. Details on: 10 Minute Daily Retreat Blog