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Memorial of St. Gregory the Great, pope and doctor

Today’s saint was born in Rome and studied law before entering into public service and becoming the city’s prefect in 572. Two years later he became a monk and converted his own house into a monastery. But a life of prayer away from the activities of the world was not God’s will for him. In 579 the pope sent him as his personal representative to the Eastern Emperor in Constantinople. Seven years later he was called back to be the papal advisor and when Pope Pelagius II died, Gregory was elected to succeed him on this day in 590. Thus began the great work that earned for him the title “Great.” He wrote many theological and pastoral books and sent missionaries to the people of a distant island now known as England. He promoted a form of Church music which bears his name—Gregorian Chant. He took upon himself responsibility for the safety of Rome and helped protect it from barbarian invaders. Let us ask St. Gregory to pray with us for our current Pope and his intentions as we reflect on