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I am afraid ...


Dreary Outside, Self-Isolating Inside

I'm writing this partly as a followup on Thursday's "Self-Isolation in the Family" post. And partly because I got frustrated with what I'd been trying to write today.

My son is still sick, and it's a damply dismal Saturday afternoon. Outside temperature is 40 degrees Fahrenheit, 4 Celsius....

...The family’s self-isolation went up a notch when Bishop Kettler said that churches should close their doors....

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Self-Isolation in the Family

COVID-19, the pandemic coronavirus disease, has come to my house. Maybe.

My son has been sick. Yesterday he had a telephone checkup. I don't know what the official term is for a medical interview conducted via telephone.

He's been told to self-isolate....

More at A Catholic Citizen in America.

Why didn’t I Thin with Age?

Homeschooling during a global pandemic and finding the lost socks (the fruit of faith)

During these weeks of living affected by Covid19, I have seen a lot of fruit come from homeschooling up until now. I am honestly very thankful we have been faithful with this, because now staying home is nothing new, and in fact it feels like our comfort zone.  Having only two years under our belt has seemed like a major loss to me (especially as I was not homeschooled and I do not share the extreme conviction about the seriousness of it that many of my friends do.....) UNTIL now. 

Having two years under our belt now seems like a gift. I can see so many good fruits coming out of living the quarantined lifestyle.  Each day I can honestly say that I look forward to what will come from this time of new change.  I also have to remind myself that Lent isn't just a season of penance. It is that- but it is more than that.  Lent is a time for change (it literally means "Springtime"), and thus, it is also a time of little deaths and small resurrections.  I always loathed celebrati…

Let love win in your life (Spanish) El amor gana.

Blanca nos invita en esta ocasión a aprender a saborear la vida, hasta en las dificultades y problemas, porque vivirlos intensamente nos lleva a aprender y apreciar lo bello y valioso que tenemos, aunque sea cosas pequeñas.

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Por: Blanca Ahumada Otero

God is Calling YOU!

Don't Let The Devil Win!


Opening Ourselves Up to God

Staying in Control