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Welcome Anna Eastland to ACWB

I'm a red-headed writer with a big family, just like my childhood heroine Anne of Green Gables. I love writing, poetry, laughing with friends, and sharing the adventure of parenting with fellow moms. I was born in Alberta but grew up all over BC with my three brothers, so I've always been a bit of a tomboy, and like climbing trees better than going to the mall.  I have always wanted to help people understand each other better through writing, and love how writing can help people all over the world connect on a far deeper level than I would have imagined before I began blogging.  I have boxes of old stories from childhood and journals and poetry from my teenage years, but they had generally remained classified 'top-secret' due to shyness. Motherhood really helped me overcome that and become more willing to take risks and be myself.  Now I blog, write articles for the paper, give talks to fellow moms, and have a newly published anthology with 4 other moms, includ

It Is All About the Fiat by Erin McCole Cupp

This article is part of  a blog book tour for Erin's new novel. She writes just enough of an introduction to engage your heart and your perk curiosity about her story . Don’t  You Forget About Me.  This novel is a MUST read! It Is All About the Fiat:   I have a friend with ten kids. Okay, I’m a homeschooling Catholic mom, so I now have several friends  with ten kids (give or take), but this one has been my friend since before we started homeschooling.  She’s a friend who knows how I take my coffee, for whom I don’t need to clean before she comes over,  and who gets my Simpsons references. Actually, that friend has eleven kids. One of them is now in heaven. I was one of the only people she  told when she found herself expecting her eleventh. She called me because she knew I’d be happy for  her instead of rolling my eyes and saying, “You know they have a pill for that now?” She knew that I’d  pray for them both, for the whole family. I was honored with her confidence in