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Walking Together - Small Group Know-How

STEP ONEPick a time, date and location for your small group to meet.  My recommendation is to commit to meeting weekly; especially if the group is being formed only for Lent.

Location can be either in your home, a rotation of homes, or at your parish.  My advice - weigh the pros and cons to decide which is best for you and your group - then trust your instincts! Some of the cons for a home meeting include having to limit attendees due to space, having to clean for company ((my primary obstacle), or limited parking.  Small group size is typically 8 to 10; although 12 -15 is doable especially for a short period of time like the 6 weeks of Lent.  If you are blessed with a high response rate - consider creating more than one small group either at the same or various locations.

Pros for meeting in a home include it's often cozier and may be less intimidating for some who do not typically attend church related events.  The most important part is remembering the goal of the group to grow…

Prayers For Those Who Are Addicted

Let us pray, and take heart,
after all, “a prayer that we pray together is a powerful prayer”
…just as Fr. Joseph M. Wolf says beginning each EWTN Family Prayer,
even if we are praying at different times on different days! 
So, please, pray with me…

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