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Bishop Blase Cupich is the Next Archbishop of Chicago

Bishop  Blase  Cupich is the next Archbishop of Chicago.  Bishop Cupich (pronounced sue-pitch or SOUP-ich) expressed his surprise when he received the call about a week ago.  With Cardinal George's health in decline (and his official retirement already offered), I'm happy that his replacement has been named. You can read the read of the article at Being Catholic ... Really .

Archdiocese of Chicago will close six schools

The Archdiocese of Chicago will  close six schools this year .  Despite the immediate uproar of parents and the usual snide comments from the trolls that the sex scandal that rocked the church is to blame, I can tell you what really closed those schools:  Low enrollment. Unfortunately I've been involved in the closing of two schools while my kids grew up.  When enrollment drops below 300 it's time to panic and no one seems to know what to do about it. To read more, please click here .