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Tis the Season to... Be Not Afraid! By Way of St. Joseph

"Matthew’s gospel reveals to us the greatness of St. Joseph’s heart and soul."   Pope Francis goes on to explain... "He was following a good plan for his life, but God was reserving another plan for him, a greater mission.  Joseph always listened to God’s voice, was deeply sensitive to God’s secret will, attentive to the messages that came to him from the depths of his heart and from on high.  He did not persist in following his own plan for life or allow bitterness to poison his soul.  Rather, he was ready to make himself available to the news that, in such a bewildering way, was being presented to him.  And thus, he was a good man.  He did not hate or allow bitterness to poison his soul.  Yet how many times does hatred, or even dislike and bitterness poison our souls!  And this is harmful ... >> Click Here to Read More at: The Way to Nourish for Life >> [which shall include a prayer by Pope Francis; as well as the song: "Our God is With Us&q