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Week of Prayer for persons with dementia, 12 - 19 March 2018

Painting owned by   Pastoral Care Project Pastoral Care Project © Charity No. 1094766.  All rights reserved. There is more on this painting by Sr Annie Bromhan IBVM along with reflections on the Pastoral Care Project website  here . This is an edited version of  a post  published on 13 March 2013. May I ask anyone who reads this to check out the website of  Pastoral Care Project . This wonderful ecumenical ministry, initiated by Mrs Frances Molloy in the Archdiocese of Birmingham, England, focuses on the spiritual needs of persons with dementia. This is the tenth annual Dementia Prayer Week initiated by Pastoral Care Project. Long ago I used to be a young man and dear Margaret remembers that for me. The Dutchman   is a song written by Michael Peter Smith in 1968. It's about an elderly couple living in Amsterdam, Margaret and the title character. The unnamed Dutchman has dementia and Margaret cares for him with a sadness over what has happened to

Columban Fr Michael McCarthy RIP

Fr Michael McCarthy (28 October 1939 - 5 March 2018) Fr Michael McCarthy was born on 28 October 1939 in Bealnadeega, County Kerry, Ireland, and attended Meentogues National School before going to St Brendan's College, Killarney,  and joined the Columbans from there in 1958.   St Mary's Cathedral, Killarney   [ Wikipedia ] Ordained in 1964, he was appointed to Korea and after language studies was stationed in the southern Diocese of Gwangju. Within a short time he became diocesan chaplain to the Young Christian Workers (YCW). It was the beginning of a life-long involvement with people on the margins of society. Heuksando Island   [ Wikipedia ] Before a home vacation in 1970 Father Michael moved from the city to the island parish of Heuksando, eight hours out into the Yellow Sea. So by the time he took charge of his first parish in Sadangdong, Seoul, in 1975 he was well acquainted with Korea, its culture and language as well as the skills requi