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Scripture quote with inspirational reflection

Welcome Friend, Have new posts set up. They are short inspirations . A quote from scripture and a quote from a person. Usually along with a reflection inspiring all. Maybe with a life story. Let me know what you think. Read all about it here.  See you there.

Free Books for Catholic Families!

As part of our effort to introduce Catholic families to our work at Bezalel Books, we are now offering some of our titles for free on Kindle! For girls we are offering  All Things Girl: Truth for Teens  for free! The second edition offers a great new section on health and fitness by best-selling author Peggy Bowes ( The Rosary Workout ) as well as new content on vocations and social media. For boys our popular  All Things Guy: A Guide to Becoming a Man that Matters  is now free! Filled with stories, facts about being a young Catholic man, and lots of encouragement, All Things Guy is a book young men really enjoy. read more here