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Women's Online Book Club

If you are looking for something unique and engaging, consider  Laura Pearl's online book club ! Join women from around the country and share thoughts, gain insights, and just have fun! Laura is the author of two novels:  Finding Grace  and her latest novel  Erin's Ring . She's a gifted storyteller and a funny and warm-hearted blogger (as well as mother of five grown sons...)  Nancy Carabio Belanger  (author of The Gate which won first place in the 2014 Catholic Press Awards for novels) has said about Laura's  latest novel : " This wholesome novel had me shed tears of sadness and joy, and these brave young Irish-Catholic women from different generations drew me in. Lovingly and tenderly written,  Erin's Ring  is a story of true friendship, sacrificial love, and above all, the God Who is never bound by time or space."