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Making Connections With The Eastern Orthodox Churches

Today  was an Orthodox day as I peeked through a Pinterest window into the Eastern Orthodox Catholic Church, her icons, images and the sayings of her monks, nuns and saints.To say that this is fascinating would be an understatement because I discovered recently that my Protestant father was not raised Roman Catholic before his mum died when he was about 9 but as a Ukrainian Orthodox Catholic.

Since I became a Catholic, I have always been influenced by Madonna House Apostolate. It was founded by Catherine De Hueck Doherty, who incorporated many Orthodox elements of spirituality into her apostolate. I love this prayer which is chanted while bowing, touching your forehead, heart and then touching the floor.
"Holy God,Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal, Have Mercy on us" Although I was named after Melanie in Gone With the Wind, there is aSt. Melania, an Orthodox saint that is not just some obscure minor saint but actually well-known and revered. I have been Catholic since I was 19 but just…