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13 Nov 2017

Scripture quote Inspirational Reflection called Scripnet

Hello Friend,

Sharing thoughts of inspiration. Reflection on this is appropriate. I think it is always good and inspiring to reflect on scripture and the Holy Spirit. We are temples of the Holy Spirit. Right!
This is the beginning of posts I am writing to give words of inspiration. Encouraging one another to go forward.

Inspirational quote from scripture.

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7 Nov 2017

Scripture quote with inspirational reflection

Welcome Friend,

Have new posts set up. They are short inspirations. A quote from scripture and a quote from a person. Usually along with a reflection inspiring all. Maybe with a life story.

Let me know what you think.

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3 Jun 2017

Eucharistic Adoration Doesn't Have To Be Silent

My hour of Perpetual Adoration was vastly different than I expected it to be. God has an incredible sense of humor, and he let me know right away who was in control.
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5 Dec 2016

#MusicThatMoves - Faith Sharing Series

God does 'Impossible Things' 

Spend just a few minutes learning my story and you'll know without a doubt that God truly does impossible things.  He mends the broken so they are able to forgive the seemingly unforgiveable. Prepares the unqualified and anxious to be soldiers in his army.  Jesus worked miracles to allow the blind to see and lame to walk; today he continues to give sight, but now perhaps moreso to those who are spiritually blind.  Offering strength to walk in His ways to those stumbling due more to circumstance than physical ailment.  He raised Lazarus from death to life; and awakens our hearts to new life in him.
Close your eyes (after you hit play of course) and allow Sarah Kroger's beautiful voice to transport us in this moment to a place in our hearts where we believe - that God can truly do Impossible Things.      
CONTINUE HERE for the Seeking Scripture and Reflection ... All Rights Reserved, Allison Gingras 2016

20 Feb 2014

Prayer and Chasing the Faith

I didn't think I would post here again so soon, but I really wanted to share this with you.
As a Lay Dominican in training, I have to complete and present modules on various topics. For now, I am working on prayer. I presented on the Laity in the Church and the life of St. Dominic previously. 
I won't share all of my reflections as I usually do. I wrote quite a bit for my presentation.
There is a nugget that I felt called to share. I felt it needed more sharing than the presentation I will give tonight *shameless request for prayers inserted here*
I was asked to locate a specific psalm, meditate upon it for 10-15 minutes and write down my reaction to it, as well as any insights, thoughts, and resolutions I could have.
In my initial read, I wrote that I have to to trust in the Lord and only in the Lord no matter what – He is my portion and my cup.  I read it again and my eyes stopped here: 

Psalm 16:4

Those who choose another god multiply their sorrows;their libations of blood I will not pour out
or take their names upon my lips.
It was Jesus’ blood that was spilt and His blood shed for us to drink. Not any other god – and here, I am thinking about what we make as god’s in our lives: spouse, children, work, social media, shopping! Anything can be made a god-as-idol really. But there is only one God whom I serve and trust – or try to, again I never pretend for a moment to be perfect.   continue reading>

4 Jan 2014

A Gospel Reflection For Jan.4

Today’s Gospel: John 1:35-42
It is amazing, really, that John’s disciples simply hear their teacher announce that Jesus is “the Lamb of God” and they follow Him, without question, without speaking a word. They are on a journey, so they do not cling to John possessively but let go to continue their search for God. These men are hungry for God and they are open, recognizing the light when they see it.
These former followers of John cannot even answer Jesus when He asks them, “What do you seek?” They probably don’t have a clue what they are really seeking: they simply know in their deepest selves that He is who John says He is—the Lamb of God—and that is enough for them. They are seekers of the truth. Yet they cannot articulate that fact,  so instead they answer with another mundane question, “Where are you staying?” Even that question is not answered because Jesus basically says, “Well, if you trust me, if you want to follow me and learn from me as my disciple, come, and you will  see.”
Andrew, of the two former disciples of John, fetches his brother Simon, not to see the Lamb of God, as John calls Jesus, but to come and see the Messiah, the Christ. The man who will be called Cephas, Peter, the man who becomes the rock, the first pope, this man comes because his brother trusted his inner heart, saw, heard and  had the courage to act when he knew he had encountered the truth.


Have you ever had a defining moment when you knew, without a doubt, that it was God calling you to drop everything and step out to follow His leading?


Oh Lord, open my eyes and open my ears to hear and recognize each truth as You show it to me. Give me the humility to let go of former things and follow you without fear into the unknown, deeper into a more intimate union with You.
Copyright 2014 Melanie Jean Juneau

18 Jan 2012

God champions the underdog too!

God champions the underdog too!
This mornings Mass was a very relaxed affair. It was a gentle resting in the presence of the Lord; a confirmation of the love of God touching the very heart of a broken world, and his healing, abiding presence, reverberating outwards. It was a joy to stand behind the altar and pray the words of the Mass. I felt so peaceful during Mass and afterwards too.
The first reading about David and the Philistine was great food for thought too! The huge bully boy of the champion of the Philistines bearing down upon the little underdog David, the underdog triumphed! Encouragement for any embattled soul fighting to do good, in a world of temptation, where good is the underdog and does not always triumph. It was good to hear the friendship of the Lord is worth pursuing.
The gospel saw a clash between the over fastidious Pharisees who were picking fault with Jesus for doing good. It reminds me not to take my eye of the reason for faith, not to become bogged down in the interpretation of the rules of faith; in the dotting of the I’s and the crossing of the t’s. I am not to be looking over my shoulder and seeing what someone else is doing in their back garden of faith. Rather I am to be busy cultivating my own Garden of Faith, attending to the weeds of sin and pride and marvelling at the beauty of faith’s flowers. I am to exalt in faith and rejoice in Christ.
I used the fourth Eucharistic Prayer and found it to be a most poetic read. I love the way it flows now in the new translation. I am a tiny creature before the immensity of God, yet despite my size I am loved, I am cared for, I am created in love, by love!

19 Oct 2011

The Lord is OUR Shepherd

A beautiful reminder for us today...

Find more reflections and tips for enriching your faith over at :-) For a peek at a Catholic Filipino homeschooling family's life, click here.

12 Oct 2011

As the seasons change.... the journey continues!

Outside of the presbytery here in Cannock the leaves are falling off the trees and blowing around the drive. It is a sure sign of the onslaught of the autumn.  The wind is breezy but unusually mild for the middle of October, it seems that later this week the colder air will make a return. The leaves on the ground are dry and brown, decaying, obscuring the natural green of the grass, turning the landscape into a returning autumn canvass.
There is something familiar about the scene as I stand in the garden. I am observing the passing of times and seasons, reflecting on the comings and goings, the toing and froing of living. I acknowledge my link with the past as a passing pilgrim on a journey. I am a humble part of a body of people who have praised God during their brief stay on earth. I am a part of a communion of people, who for centuries have uttered the name of God on their lips, in times of joy or sorrow, of fear or trust. I am a member of humanity, grateful for my being a creature, created by a loving God, who permits me to call him Father!  
I am looking around at the passing seasons and sharing my experience of being a part of the process of seasoning! I too am passing through life, like the seasons changing each year and yet retaining the familiar, perhaps it is memory that provides the familiar. Perhaps it is experience that changes my outlook. It is memory that allows familiarity, enabling my growth and mellowing my pride. I have my moods, my spring optimism, my summer contentment, my autumn wavering and my winter floundering. With all my seasons I have a constant, one that I can thank and praise and adore and worship. I have faith in God who cares for me and loves me, who calls me and creates me anew, who guides me and saves me. I have a purpose and a meaning, a past and a future!
I read my afternoon psalms and I rejoice in the goodness of God!
The psalmist living thousands of years before me, looks up the heavens. As he stands in his garden he knows that he, must give thanks for the wonder of his surroundings. For the miracle of his being and the exultation that one day his spirit will soar into the heavens and his soul will be dipped into the vast ocean of God’s healing mercy!
As the seasons change.... the journey continues!

9 Oct 2011

Truly Rich Reflections: Remembering Steve Jobs through the Catholic Pro-Life Lens

Everyone knows by now that Steve Jobs, the "visionary" behind Apple, has passed away, at the "young old" age of 56. His was a life well-lived, and in many ways, he "changed" the world as we know it. After all, where would the modern world be without the Mac, I-pod, I-pad and I-phone? (although admittedly, we don't have ANY of these in our possession.. yet! haha!)

Steve Jobs thought different and challenged others to do the same. He said many things that inspired many, such as the quote below:

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great workAnd the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it. And, like any great relationship, it just gets better and better as the years roll on. So keep looking until you find it. Don’t settle.” [Stanford commencement speech, June 2005]

23 Jun 2011

Whoever acts on these words of mine!

Whoever acts on these words of mine!
Reading the gospel today I see the inspiration for the fairy tale the “Big Bad Wolf” published in 1843, the tale of the three pigs who huffed and puffed!  
The gospel is a real goodie! It contains a wonderful few words from Jesus, words not to be missed!
There is a practical reality of listening to and acting upon the words of Christ and this is demonstrated quite beautifully. The listener is left in no doubt about the importance of hearing Jesus’ words and putting them into practice.
We all need to reside somewhere, a shelter, a place to base our lives, a sanctuary, a place to call our own, the Englishman’s home is his castle! The home is important whatever way we look at it. If my home is built on sand, the foundations will not keep the house in one piece, a downfall of rain and my home is gone!! So simple and so practical too, this for me is the essence of a good spiritual life simple and practical!
Jesus tells us the importance of making a foundation when it comes to sustaining faith It is no good saying I love Jesus dearly but I love bickering just as much! Not much point in saying I accept forgiveness for my weakness from the sacramental encounter with Christ and then stubbornly refuse to forgive those who trespass against me! There is little gain in sitting in my Sunday best in church each Sunday and the rest of the week persecuting my neighbour! Simple, we cry, I get it! But good to be reminded of it and I think that is the beauty of the scriptures A little gentle reminder to me to say: Am I taking care of the foundations of my faith: Prayer, trust, Mass, confession, charity, love, hope joy, peace, neighbourliness, gentleness, patience, reverence, modesty, humility? There are a lot of foundations! One or other may slip and bring the house down! Stormy weather in life’s journey could loosen the foundations, so it is good to concentrate on them now and again. How are your foundations?
What cements the Word of God in the Mass today is the bit of advice from Jesus that says; don’t just listen to God’s Word but act on it! In other words receive it, allow it to make an impact on you, enable it to penetrate to the very foundations our faith is built on and allow it to repair and tweek the cracks and strains we find.
When troubles come and boy oh boy do they come! When doubts come to the surface, when we look at the media laying before us the weakness and the sins of "holy" trusted men and in some cases the vile crimes of those in positions of trust, as it has done recently it feels as if the house we have built in faith is shifting on its foundations, it is shaking, we are shaking with fear, anger, indignation, disbelief.... in these moments we dig deep we check the foundations, we see that our Faith is built on the rock of faith in Christ a sustaining and encouraging rock in bad times and good.
Take care of the foundations, act on the Words of God!

10 Jun 2011

What Being GLAM Means To Me - Reflections from a Mom's Makeover

Recently I won an online contest from Glam-O-Mamas, which is a website for moms set up by Amanda Griffin-Jacob and Nicole Jacinto. This was the first time for me to ever win an online contest, so I was pretty psyched about it. My prize: a makeover from Make Up Forever.

This is what I looked like after the makeover:
Thank you Glam-O-Mamas and Make Up Forever for the free makeup session!

And this is what I looked like in my new dress, a gift from The Florence Fling, which was also part of my prize.
Thank you The Florence Fling for this chic dress!

But you know what made me even happier and feel most “glam” that day? Coming home to my family.

Yup, I value my family a lot. (I guess you can glean that from my personal blogs too!) Right after the makeover at Bonifacio Global City, which incidentally took up my whole morning, including travel time, I rushed home to be with my ever-supportive and loving husband and adorable, sometimes-quite-a-handful kids.

As a mom who has never really been into makeup and all things beauty even during my single days, I could say that I realized the following things:

1. A lot of women may be into makeup and all things that prettify one’s outer appearance for varying reasons, and this in itself is not something bad. As for me though, the makeover session reminded me again that I am not into makeup because:

a. I’d rather spend money on books for the kids and things for the home than on foundation, mascara, lipstick and eyeliner. Don’t get me wrong though, I am not saying that women who buy make up have screwed-up priorities. I am just saying that each person has his or her own priorities. Mine are: GOD, family and service, especially to the Church.

b. I am confident enough in how I look because I know I am loved and special, especially in God’s eyes. And despite the fact that I don’t pluck nor shave my eyebrows, don’t use concealer to hide the dark spots on my face, and don’t have a trendy, expensive wardrobe, I am happy with how I look, and even managed to “snag” a man of my own -- a handsome, God-fearing one at that. Hehe.
Hubby Anthony and I on our wedding day in 2006

c. I’d rather spend the time I would need to have a decently “made up” face praying, playing and singing with my kids before leaving for work, or preparing a quick breakfast for the family. Besides, after the jeepney ride to the office, my makeup would probably be ruined anyway!
Makeover in progress!

2. An outer makeover can do wonders for moms like me, but they don’t last, because at the end of the day, you need to wash off all the makeup on your face. What is more important though is the inner makeover one goes through every single day. I think this is what all moms (and dads!) need to be GLAM. After all, being a parent is about experiencing God’s Love And Miracles every day through our kids, who are really a blessing.

3. Parenthood is a 24/7 job and duty. Every dad and mom, no matter how glamorous or exciting their life may look on the outside, has almost certainly gone through sleepless nights, disgusting diaper changes, and everything “gross” associated with the nitty-gritty of parenting. One may not consider this “glam,” especially if one faces the daily grind of working to make ends meet, commuting in hours of traffic in a jam-packed jeep or bus, and juggling household chores and child-minding to boot. But still, most parents wouldn’t trade their roles for the world! We are, after all, parents for eternal life.

Bearing all these in mind, I can say that last weekend’s makeover session was memorable because it helped me realize once again the beauty of parenthood. And the countless ways I need to “make over” my inner self, so that I can be the mom that my kids deserve.
I am GLAM because of them! G – grateful, L – loved, -A – appreciated, M – more fulfilled

2 Jun 2011

Lourdes: This pilgrim reflects!

Lourdes: This pilgrim reflects!
Recently we had a successful pilgrimage Lourdes. The journey to Lourdes was by coach so not one for the faint hearted! Next year we are going to go via air and spend the whole time in Lourdes. Still the journey this year did not detract from the wonderful spiritual blessings which we received in Lourdes. Lourdes has a peaceful security that wraps itself around the discerning and unaware pilgrim alike. I like the coming together as a group but also the individual graces that we receive from our own time spent in prayer and awe at the place.

Peace is difficult to find in this of world of ours that rushes around and seems to heading somewhere but at times loses its way. So finding peace is a bonus indeed! The peace in Lourdes from my perspective is a fulfilment of the craving to be close to God. Being in Lourdes is to be blest to experience the brushing of the earth with the imprint of heaven.

Now I experience this peace every time I celebrate the Mass; in the intimate conversation with the Crucified Christ who is made present in the sacrifice and the hope and anticipation of the Risen Christ witnessed in the words and actions that take place; in the silence of the consecration there is a peace given which transforms the pangs of life’s lack of faith into the hope eternal.

At Lourdes I am moved by the attention and care given to the sick and I feel the sense of peace comes from accepting God’s will ,not expecting a cure or a miracle (even though that is always a possibility!) but inviting Christ into the suffering allowing the grace of God to sooth and comfort the struggle that sickness brings upon us.

Also in Lourdes I revel in the quietness of the grotto. To be able to sit on a bench by the grotto praying is a special grace. It confirms for me the glory of God and the wonderful mystery that is his presence in the world igniting faith and encouraging hope.

The truth of Lourdes rests for me in the mirroring of St Bernadette with Mary. A truth expressed in the virtues of poverty, simplicity and humility. Mary expressed those virtues in the Magnificat, her song of thanksgiving at the Annunciation.

There is a real poverty of spirit in Mary’s words of trust “he has exalted the lowly.” Mary was in poverty of state and also she embraced an interior poverty too. Her simplicity is expressed in hearing the words from the angel and straight away saying yes! She Allowed the word of the Lord to be received in faith. Her humility is evident in denying her own will and allowing God’s grace to reside.
These virtues are echoed in the life of St Bernadette too. Her poverty is one of life’s circumstances. Her family had to live in the hovel of an old prison. That physical poverty was mirrored in her own spirit too that allowed her to see the vision of Mary. The simplicity walks hand in hand with poverty through her little education. Her humility shines through in her listening to the instructions of Mary and carrying them out without hesitation. Bernadette was asked by Mary to kneel down and drink water while the water was not there!  Those watching ridiculed her as she had dirt and twigs in her mouth. But later they found that the stream was flowing beneath them! Bernadette’s preserved body, incorrupt, also echoes Mary’s immaculate entrance into heaven, no decay touched her.
Lourdes is authentic, it is truthful and it creates a peace so incredible that it attracts millions to come in pilgrimage. I look forward to next year!
It is well worth going on a pilgrimage to Lourdes. If the parish is not organising one there are many companies who arrange pilgrimages.
Posted by Fr Patrick Brennan

31 May 2011

The Visitation

I posted this on my blog today but thought I would post my first post here! I am delighted to be associated with the "Association of Catholic Women Bloggers! I must explain that I am a priest from the Archdiocese of Birmingham. I qualify for the blog via invitation! I hope to post on here every now and again and I enjoy the inspiration found here so far!

The Visitation
Life is about the journey that anticipates the destination.

There is an excitement about arriving. I remember with fondness many holidays spent with a good friend. Arriving at the Hotel, getting checked in and sitting down in the room brings a great satisfaction, now the holiday begins!

The memories of a good holiday can impart joy and sustain us through moments when life can appear to be dull, when we hear a clock is ticking but the hands are moving slowly! These times are times of struggle when we endure difficulties, disappointments, sadness, at these points in the journey the clock slows down! In times of joy the clock seems to speed up.. holidays being a case in point.

When I go on holiday I am excited about the destination. I look forward to getting there. The journey can be a pain though! Airport queues, standing around, delays, hold ups, cramped seats on sardine can airplanes, noisy children kicking the back of wafer thin seats! The getting there can be difficult but the getting there evaporates the stresses of the journey ,it justifies the effort made in journeying.

Life is a journeying an anticipation of the destination. There is an end to journeying. That end is heaven. The journeying in itself is important though. How you react to the journey can determine how fulfilling the journey will be and how quickly we reach the end destination of heaven. Do I get grumpy at the queues? Do I get frustrated with the standing around? Yes I do! Am I annoyed by the cramped seats of life, the annoying episodes, the imperfections? You bet I am! Attending to the journeying with care means to be aware of the importance of the journey itself. Heaven is on the horizon but before we get there we are to journey.

Mary visits Elizabeth. Elizabeth says why should I be honoured with a visit from the mother of my Lord?  For the moment your greeting met my ears the child within my womb leapt for joy! The visit or the journey to her cousin is an important aspect of today’s feast. It anticipates the future reality of the birth of the Saviour. The period of time to that event did not magically happen. It took the ninth months of pregnancy before Mary gave birth. In that time Mary would have suffered discomfort, hardship, difficulties associated with pregnancy, in that time she does not throw her hands up and say it is too hard I give up! She persevered in the times of difficulty so as to experience the great joy of the birth of her Son.

We read the gospel and get to the destination IE the birth of the Saviour but the journeying of Mary and the apostles is not to be ignored. For in their journeying we get inspiration for our own journeys. Our salvation is worked out in the journey we take in life. In the way we react to the trials and tribulations that the journey brings to us.

Give us a sign