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Creating Positive Pro- Life Memes

There is a place for shock tactics in the battle to save our unborn children. because modern man often glibly, glosses over the atrocity of abortion. Yet our society is bombarded by grotesque images of war, starvation and torture; it is almost immune to the  most horrific scenes flashing across the media. Sometimes humour, warmth and humanity gets the point across. With this thought in my mind, I have created a few pro-life memes which centre on the power of prayer and the love of Mary our mother for the unborn. rather than horror. Let us celebrate the miracle of life and birth. continue reading

Time For a Laugh

I should not have given up killing mice for Lent

Time for a Catholic Giggle

On Pinterset, I help pin on Catholic Fun for CatholicMom and on Catholic Memes for Catholic Feast. here are a few jokes to make you smile and maybe even laugh for more giggles>