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The Pain We Cause Others by Our Gossip

Photo taken at Evergreen Lavender Farm, Virginia by Jeanne Grunert. I realized this weekend that I was reacting strangely to a story unfolding on social media. I was acting as if it was personal, and it wasn't. A little reflection, a few memories later, and I realized an old hurt was resurfacing. The pain we cause others by our gossip is long-lasting and deeply felt. It's also grossly underestimated among the many sins every single one of us, myself included, commits, especially in this modern age where social media and television encourage us to speculate, gossip, and share what we "know." Read the whole piece, here: The Pain We Cause by Gossiping .

"You Would Never Cease..."

One day while driving home, I was sitting at a red light and I saw a young woman in the lane next to me in an older car smoking a cigarette and listening to music.  It was summer so I could see and hear her clearly. My heart went out for her and I prayed to God, "Lord, please be merciful to her for her sins." The answer was,   "They are many."  My heart broke at that moment and I didn't want this woman to be lost.  I asked God, "Father, let me know peoples sins so that I can pray better for them." The answer was,  "You would never cease praying." My heart sank at the realization of state of souls in the world.  

What Really Happens at Holy Mass.

What Really Happens at the Holy Mass. This is where I am happiest, at the Holy Mass.  Now I will tell you what really happens at Holy Mass. The Lord told me some time ago, "I want you to go to Holy Mass everyday."  I thought, "O.k., I can do that."   At the time I was only going to Holy Mass once a week, an occasional day Mass but I mostly just prayed in front of the Blessed Sacrament.  I didn't understand, but I obeyed.  Going to Holy Mass everyday required some coordination, I would have to get up earlier and find a Mass along the way to work.  Also, the Mass would have to be close enough to work that when it was finished I could still get to work on time.  I found several different permanent options, and a few back up plans if for some reason I couldn't get to my regular daily Mass. It took about a year of going to Holy Mass daily, but then things started to change.   This was no longer an obligation, but a joy!    God started to open my eyes t