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Living Out the Eucharist

As faithful Catholics, how exactly are we living out the Eucharist, both during and outside of Mass?  This is the basic question posed by Pope Francis during the second part of his Catechesis on the Eucharist . In the first teaching, the pope reminded us about our real communion with Jesus and his mystery during the Eucharist. Now he challenges us to live out this communion with Christ,  “Is it only a moment of celebration, an established tradition, an opportunity to find oneself or to feel justified, or is it something more?” Coincidently, I just read an article by a nurse, on her way to Church, who stopped to help victims of a car accident. She left after help arrived but was covered in blood and dirt. Rather than wasting time by going home to change clothes, she decided to simply put her top on inside out to hide most of the mess. Although she missed her own regular Eucharist, she just had time to make it to a nearby Mass at another church. Immediately after she felt sel