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Schools and Decisions

This year, we made a big decision about Julia’s school.   She is now attending a private, Catholic school. The school district we live in is academically great.  We’ve never had any major issues with teachers or principals.  (In fact, a few of the teachers are some of our closest friends.) But, it just wasn’t a good fit for her.  There were many nights last year that Brian and I stayed awake talking over what to do.  Brian began to research schools and our options.  We knew that if we were going to leave pubic school, finding a faith based school was very important to us. { Read more here...}

Strengthening Your Family

 Through our baptism, we're called to be royal, priestly parents to our children, exercising our God-given authority with kindness and benevolence. When we truly understand the essence of our authority, we can be leaders and nurturers of our children and help them to become the nurturers and leaders of the future .~ from Strengthening Your Family by Marge Fenelon, p.176  I did a lot of babysitting when I was young and became quite proficient at handling other people's children. I wondered at some parents' inability to control their children in church and other public places, since I rarely had any problem getting my little charges to listen to me. There was no doubt in my mind that I would someday be a  model parent with model children, all sitting quietly in the pew with rapt attention. However, when I finally married, God in His wisdom saw fit to send me the most rambunctious little girl ever created, the kind of child who loves to perform in publi

Where's The Catholic Mom Bloggers?

In support of our Catholic Mom Bloggers. We have one in our parish. Her name is Dianna. She is an emergency room nurse,  a mother of four, with another on the way. Dianna is a member of our pastoral council and recently started a Moms Club in our parish for mothers of children under five. Moms and their children have  activities several times a month for morning play dates, story times and field trips. Moms periodically meet up for Mom's Night's Out. Dianna blogs over at The Kennedy Adventures! . Go girls! I admire you all. Deacon Gerry By Jennifer Fulwiler Earlier this week Babble released its list of the  Top Mom Blogs of 2011 , and my email inbox has been abuzz ever since. My friends and I have been reading mommy blogs since we first became parents, and so we took great interest in this collection. First, we all agreed that Babble did a good job: These are definitely the most popular “mommy blogs” in the English-speaking world. But then someone pointed out:  Hey, wait