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Catholic Tween and Teen Fiction

Tween and Teen fiction readers deserve honest, compelling and engaging stories. They don't want to be pandered to any more than discerning adult fiction readers. Tween and Teen fiction readers are a particular breed of readers. They have just enough life experience to know realities of struggle or worry and yet ought to know that life really does offer hope and resolution. The Green Coat: A Tale from the Dust Bowl Years  by Rosemary McDunn is deservedly one of the most popular tween and teen fiction books in homes and classrooms. Available in paperback and kindle,  The Green Coat  offers a story of hardship and hope in the midst of one of the greatest struggles in American history: the dust bowl. The Green Coat's tale of perseverance is one that readers of all ages enjoy.  read more here

Young Adult Books Aren't Just For Young Adults

Young adult books are big sellers…for the over 18 crowd. This, according to a recent Nielson poll and reported by CBS news. I’m not surprised by this "new" poll—and you shouldn’t be either. And I would hazard a guess that the numbers are mostly women—or are even higher if only women were polled. After all, we want more than pornography and vampires. We want to be transported to that place of hope and kindness despite odds. Speak to us about the realities of our lives and remind us of all the great potential we have! Long ago (okay, about 3 years ago), I reviewed Nancy Carabio Belanger’s “Olivia”books. What I couldn’t get over—and tried to get across in my posted reviews—was how much I enjoyed the books that were written for tweens and teens. Me, a slightly older than middle-aged woman truly loved them. I likened them to Anne of Green Gables: a timeless book that can be read by anyone of any age. Nancy’s books are that good. They take you back to a place filled with