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Praise - Acrostic Poem

PRAISE        P raise R ise A spire I lluminate S oar E nlighten ©   2012 Donna De Guglielmo We are called to be ambassadors of and for God. We live move and have our being in Him. What are you doing today or doing soon for Him? It does not matter the size of it. He loves us.  I even offer to brush my teeth up to Him. All I do. Share below in the comments, we all want to know and help one another through our prayer time. Another great poem to show love to the Lord is  here . Thank you, Blessings; God Loves You!! God is paradise. We are His to soar in His grace and mercy

Turning Grumbling Into Praise to the God of Winter

A friend, who is an Oblate Brother from Portugal, has always detested Canadian winters. Usually, he simply wants to hide from winter with its icy, raw coldness and grey skies. This year, he decided to tackle his grumbling attitude head-on looking for winter’s beauty and blessings. He inspired me to praise God for winter. It is time to welcome winter. Beautiful snowflakes absorb sound waves, Over a pure, white earth. It is time to discover beauty in winter and thank God. read more