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God First, Country Second: A Call to Unity

I don’t know about you, but I have come to realize that I no longer need to look at the bottom of a TV screen to determine if the person speaking is a Democrat or a Republican. Those days of sharing common interests, across the aisles, are long gone. Today, each side toes the party line, tossing aside one’s own personal beliefs for the sake of the party. Somewhere in that logic, people forgot about God first, country second. You can hear it in the tone and rhetoric of discord. This ever-present disunity is the last thing Jesus would want for us.

Putting God First
Jesus was rather specific when He said:

Father, keep them in your name that you have given me, so that they may be one as we are (John 17:11). As Christians, in Jesus’ name, we are expected... Read more...

Protestants’ Reactions to a Catholic Writer

I am proud to proclaim I am a Catholic. A saved, born again, Spirit filled lover of Jesus who expects to be accepted by Protestant lovers of Jesus because I am a sister in Christ. BUT, my culture and way of expressions seems odd to Protestant ears. So I am misunderstood. Perhaps in the Body, the Protestants are the feet and mouth carrying the Good News and as a Catholic I am an ear. I might not look like I belong but trust me, although I look foreign I AM part of the same Body. May my small acts of unity reverberate throughout  the entire Mystical Body of Christ. continue

United in Heart and Soul to Our Beloved

Aimed at greater intimacy than the one-flesh union, married love "leads to forming one heart and soul,” states the Catechism. (Section 1643). How do married couples become one in heart and soul, especially when the demands of daily life keep getting in the way?

Becoming One Heart

Talk to your beloved about what's in your heart. Sometimes men don't talk enough and women talk too much. What do you think about all day? Do you share those thoughts with your spouse? If not, why not? Take your concerns and preoccupations to prayer and ask God to help you share them with your spouse in a productive and positive way.

Becoming unified with your spouse is a foretaste of becoming one with God, the Bridegroom of our soul. But union entails sorrow as well as solace. St. Catherine of Siena experienced a mystical marriage with Jesus, which both increased her love and familiarity with Jesus and gave her a more intimate participation in his sufferings. Do we offer to participate in our spous…

Announcing February Online Marriage Enrichment!!

           Looking for ways         to make your marriage                   stronger?

Join me this February 3, 4, 10, or 11 in an online marriage enrichment retreat. Spend an hour or two, just in time for Valentine's Day, to make your marriage stronger! Similar to an interactive webinar, the retreat offers talks illustrated by sacred artwork with a background of Gregorian chant.

If you've never attended an online retreat before, don't worry -- the technology is easy. All you need is high-speed Internet and speakers for your computer. You can ask and answer questions simply by typing in a chatbox. But if you wish, you can purchase low-cost earbuds with a computer mike and speak directly with me and the other participants. You’ll receive a link by email to enter the online environment and a friendly tech will help you get used to all the features.

You can participate as an individual or a couple, during the early afternoon or in the evening -- whatever works for you. And if you c…

Are We All Here? Anyone Missing?

A mother of 9 grown children reflects on dinnertime: the central hub that held all the spokes of her family’s activities together in one cohesive whole- a wheel of family melanie jean juneau "Oh good, you’re done barn chores. Perfect timing; dinner is almost ready." "Two more minutes, everybody!" "Daniel I’ll help with that after we eat, okay?" "Mary, please run up and open Claire’s door and shut off the music." "Dinner is ready!" "Lucy, I know you love that book sweetheart but, remember, no reading at the dinner table." "Where’s Matthew?' "Honey would you lift up David into the high chair?" "Are we all here?..Anyone missing?" Ahh…. dinner time in a large family. READ MORE of my first article inin TENDER TIDINGS Fall 2013 Tender Tidings, CAPC’s free seasonal magazine, is a wonderful resource for Catholic parents interested in intentional, gentle parenting.  You can view it as a flipbook or as…