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A Storyteller's Guide to a Grace-Filled Life, Vol II - Book Review

In  A Storyteller’s Guide to a Graced-Filled Life – Vol. II , by Tony Agnesi, we get to read 43 additional stories that couldn’t fit into Vol I. As with Vol I, Agnesi’s stories in Vol II make you laugh, cry and leave you wanting more! There is a special spot in my heart for the story,  Keith , about a young homeless man, who Agnesi befriended. One day, Tony asked Keith about his goals. Keith told Tony that he had three goals, 1) to find a job, 2) to find housing, and 3) to become Catholic. Well, it was that last goal that tugged at my heart. It would for any Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA) Coordinator, of which I am one for my parish. This beautiful story ends with us learning that Keith met all his goals. This story made me cry tears of joy! Then there is the story titled,  Catholics Come in Many Flavors . In this story, Agnesi describes a multitude of different types of Catholics. You know them. For example, the... Read more...

A Storyteller's Guide to Joyful Service - Book Review

What sheer joy it was to read  A Storyteller’s Guide to Joyful Service , by best-selling author, Tony Agnesi. This sequel to  A Storyteller’s Guide to A Graced Filled Life ,  moves us from the stories of Tony’s upbringing, to stories of how, and why, he entered ministry in service to others.  Agnesi is a storyteller, at heart. Give him a room full of people, and he will have them laughing, crying, and wanting more! Well, in this latest in his series, he did just that! Joyful Service Made Me Laugh He made me laugh when I read the story about the “ 80 MPH Rosary .” Bored, on a long drive home from an engagement, an elderly man passes Tony at about 80 MPH, with rosary beads in his hands as he holds on to the steering wheel. This gives Tony the idea to say a Rosary as well. But Tony feels the need to keep pace with this old gent, and they go neck and neck down the highway. Tony shows him his own Rosary beads.  As the man approached his exit, they smiled at each other and parted ways

A Storytellers Guide to a Grace Filled Life – Book Review

I must start this post by telling you that I have been a friend and fan of Tony Agnesi for approximately four years now. Several years ago, as a fledgling Catholic blogger, I reached out to him, seeking advice. You see, Tony has an awesome blog over at , where he blogs about virtue as well. Where I write more from a theological/academic point of view on virtue, Tony writes from experience. I once asked him, “How do you come up with such great stories? You are quite creative!” His reply, “Those things really happened to me!” God uses Tony, daily, to reach out to the less fortunate; to witness to the faith; and to use his gift for storytelling to reach the hearts of many. In A Storytellers Guide to a Grace Filled Life , we see Tony Agnesi at work in God’s Garden of life. A Storytellers Guide to a Grace Filled Life … captures the best of Tony Agnesi’s stories aimed at showing you how to find God’s Grace in your own life. As a master storyteller, Agnesi shares with u