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Finding Our Moral Compass

Have we lost our moral compass? Am I the only one who thinks our society has fallen prey to: Placing other idols ahead of God? Thinking we know what is right, all the time? Diminishing the severity of sexual sins? Finding lying acceptable? Considering our own self-worth far superior to others? Losing Our Moral Compass of the First Commandment How often do we do what we want, and not what we ought to do? For example, how often do we place political party positions ahead of God’s position, because it is easier to side with our political party affiliations rather than with God? We fail to ask, “What would Jesus do?” For example, would Jesus let children be separated from their parents at the border? Is that something we would want done to our families? Or, do we think that we are better than those who wish to enter our country? When we place the political position ahead of Christian morality and charity, we condone sins against the First Commandment. We place false idols ah

Spiritual Practices: Examination of Conscience

As a Christian I am bound to follow my conscience, my inner guide to doing good and to avoiding evil.    Every Evening, as the day winds down, I spend about  ten minutes at the beginning of "Night Prayer" to review my day by examining my conscience.  The guide that I have found most helpful lately is called "An Examen." I like this way of reflecting on my day because it is balanced.  It helps me see both the times I practiced virtue as well as the times I sinned.  This is in contrast to other examinations I have used which emphasize only the sinful acts.  Noticing God's goodness and appreciating his providence is another outcome that has helped me.  I feel a strong impulse to give God glory and praise as a result. Read more here .