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Novena to the Holy Spirit - Seeking Virtue

The annual Novena to the Holy Spirit begins this coming Friday, May 26 th and continues through to the day before Pentecost, June 3 rd . In this Novena, we ask the Holy Spirit to grace us with seven gifts. Each one of theses gifts happen to be virtues as well: Awe (also known as Reverence) – We ask for a sovereign respect for God, as well as a filial submission to the Father. Piety – We ask for love and respect for those consecrated to God; including priests and religious, the Blessed Mother, the Saints, the Church, our parents, and our country and its rulers. Fortitude – We ask for the strengthening of our souls against natural fear. We also ask for support in performance of our duties; to endure without complaint. Read more...


Through You, with You, in You… All in All. “ It’s there in the newborn cry, there in the light of every sunrise, there in the shadows of this life, Your great grace. It’s there on the mountain top, there in the everyday and the mundane, there in the sorrow and the dancing, Your great grace. Oh such grace..." ... Click Here to Read More at:   The Way to Nourish for Life Holy Spirit , Come