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Friendships from God

My husband and I joined some of the pilgrims from our trip to Italy last year in Traverse City, MI this past weekend. It was a blessed time and is really why a pilgrimage is something you think you are doing for yourself but is really something God is doing for you! It took us 25 years of saving to get to Italy but was something that continues to give back to us. If you've never taken a pilgrimage, you may want to ask God to show you if this is something He is asking you to do. Sitting at Dave and Claire's breathtaking home with a view of God's beautiful earth! Everyone at dinner (from close left around table to close right): John, me, Dave, Laura, Julie, Tim, Father Libby, Teresa, Dom, Laura, Dave Everyone at Chateau Chantel Deacon explaining wine making Bishop Bernard Hebda joins us at Claire and Dave's  John and I in from of an ironwork that proclaims and reminds: I am the vine, you are the branches