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What can we do?

Lots of non Catholics think that our Church devalues women because our Priests and bishops have to be men, this of course is not the case at all. As we catholic women know our place is right at the centre of the church, prayer aid to the parish in all forms and the family are vital roles and what we can do ,no one else can. God made men and women we are different and equality doesn't mean identical. I cannot be a Priest , but I can pray for them, I cannot be a Bishop, but I can pray for them. They cannot be what I am ,a mother and grandmother, but we all are vital and important. Let us be happy in our places in Gods plan ,not agitate uselessly for what we cannot change. I can wear trousers but they don't make me a man! As part of the role I promote the Rosary for the Bishop and recommend it to all fellow ACWB readers and contributors, sign up its easy and the email reminders keep you on track!! "Heaven knows that our good Bishop