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Do not covet another man’s house, do not covet his wife, his slaves, his cattle, his ass, or anything else that he owns. All right, with some difficulty, most of us can go along with that. We may be a little envious of someone else’s house or car or whatever; but that’s as far as it goes. (We hope). I know I don’t envy my neighbour’s ass because he hasn’t got one. As for his wife … well … let’s say she is so frightening that he is most welcome to her. I know my cat is so terrified whenever he sees her that he dashes up a tree to hide. Even the birds are so scared that they’ve returned all the seeds they took last year. But what about coveting our neighbours’ Blogs, or Facebook or Google accounts, or such other social media? Why should they have more hits than me? Or more comments and followers and friends? Some people have more friends on their website than the number of real people that I have met in a lifetime. Is that not as serious a sin as the 10nth Commandme