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Me, My, Mine!

I was shocked when I discovered that I functioned as if I was the centre of the universe. Shocked because I  really did not grasp that my whole paradigm was skewed. Shocked because I thought I had given my life to God. Shocked to understand just how much inner transformation it takes to say with St. Paul,  ” No longer I that lives but Christ that lives in me.” read more>

It is True. It is Really True.

Twenty-five years ago, at a Trappist Monastery near Montreal, my husband stumbled upon a book that changed our lives and filled us with hope and joy.   Guidelines to Mystical Praye r, by a British Carmelite nun, Ruth Burrows, relates the experiences of two nuns who live in her monastery. They  know  that their old nature has died with Christ and that now Jesus lives within their hearts, minds,and souls. These two women are the polar opposite of each other. Ruth renames one nun Petra (earth) because she does not receive any mystical visions or feelings. She is an example of most Christians whose spirituality is called “light off”. Never the less, Petra knows that her old self has died. Claire (light) is really a “light on mystic” who experiences inner locution, visions and feels God’s presence. What a relief to discover a contemplative nun who is like my husband and I, who are very much “light on”. I can hardly express the exuberant joy we experienced as we connected