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Marian Consecration Reflections

I mentioned that I would be hosting a link up (my first ever) on March 16th in last week's post . Well, your dyslexic blogger got her dates confused and it's up today! Never fear, if you're not ready to share your Marian consecration reflections, you have until the actual day of consecration (March 25th, The Annunciation) to link up with us. By us, I mean Elizabeth Reardon of Theology is a Verb . Isn't that a great blog title? I've always loved it. This is my third time making consecration and I have used a couple of different books to do it. This year, I went back to my favorite, 33 Days to Morning Glory by Fr. Michael Gaitley . Before we get ahead of ourselves though, what is Marian Consecration anyway? Read more at Filling My Prayer Closet and if you are making consecration now, consider linking up your post !

Deliverance 2014! (With the Help of Our Lady) Un-tied, Un-done...

Delivered... Because I'm truly Yours!   Thinking back, one year ago, January 2013, do you remember where you were in life; more-so, where you were in your prayer life? Surprisingly I do!  But this is because it involved a very special series of prayers for me (a “novena") dedicated to Our Lady, Undoer of Knots . So there I was, one year ago, on the 1st of January, Day 1, entrusting my very own ribbon,  with all its messy knots,  into the hands of our Blessed Mother.  And it just so happened at this same time, I was also reading Fr. Michael Gaitley’s “ 33 Days to Morning Glory ” (so good!) .   But what about these knots of mine? …Which one knot entangled my life the most?   It was a big one... ► Click HERE to read more at The Way to Nourish for Life including an Audrey Assad song .►

All for Mary - Preparing Ourselves Before Holy Communion

Picture source . While adoring our exposed Lord this morning in the Chapel, it became clear to me that even though I have consecrated myself to His blessed Mother, I have failed in my promise to give my all to Jesus through Mary. I recognize that all the worries and anxieties that assault my peace of mind is a direct result of this failure to put my complete trust in Jesus and Mary. I think that is why St. Louis de Montfort recommended that we renew our consecration with the proper preparation, once a year and especially during the anniversary of the date we originally consecrated ourselves. The following is from his True Devotion to Mary. "1. You must humble yourself most profoundly before God. 2. You must renounce your corrupt interior and your dispositions, however good your self-love may make them look. 3. You must renew your consecration by saying: I am all thine, my dear Mistress, with all that I have." 4. You must implore that good Mother to lend y