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The Creativeness of Death

I rarely dream, but last night I dreamt that I was worried that a room in a house might be on fire. The room belonged to someone I worried about a lot, who had been perplexing me. I was worried he would burn the whole house down. Instead, someone showed me what was really going on inside. There was a large cylinder filled with liquid. Sparks were coming out of it, like electricity, which had only looked like fire. Inside, there was an animated skeleton at a workbench building other skeletons out of bones. Usually in dreams, it helps to look at a "first feeling" and a "first association" in order to find out how the dream may speak to us. My first feeling was awe and happy surprise in the cleverness and originality. Also, relief that the "fire" was contained and no danger. My first association was of the "culture of death." Seems such a paradox- creative activity as the dead create more dead. Yet, this is what goes on in the ma

Petition the Obama Administration: Don't Trample on Religious Freedom

Click here to sign and tell the Administration know that this mandate cannot stand. The present Administration, through the Health and Human Services Department, is mandating that all employer healthcare insurance plans provide coverage for procedures which violate the beliefs of the Catholic Church, and Catholic institutions. Basically, the new rules require the Catholic Church, and the institutions operating faithfully under the aegis of the Church, to provide coverage for contraceptive drugs and procedures. This requirement violates the beliefs of the Church. Never before has the United States Government deigned to represent "transcendental truth" on matters of conscience for any religion within these United States. That in itself is unprecedented, which is also why it is unconstitutional. ]

The Long List of Lies

My spiritual director encouraged me to spend some time praying about Mark 1:11 in which God our Father says to Jesus, "You are my beloved Son; with you I am well pleased." I've never had trouble with the fact that our Father was 'well pleased' with Jesus but I stumbled on the thought that He might be well pleased with me. How could that be? I had a long list, in my heart, of all the reasons that God couldn't possibly be well pleased with me but, as I began to dissect the list, I could see that it was a Long List of Lies because God's Word said otherwise and God's Word is Truth. Here are a few entries from the List of Lies. Maybe you have others. "I'm not good enough." That seems to be the Accuser's number one, all-purpose, one size fits all lie. He doesn't usually have to go much farther than this. He has variations on this theme, of course: "I'll never amount to anything." "If others only knew how stupid