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We’ve Forgotten How Great It Is To Be a Catholic Woman

It  is  difficult to be a woman today, especially a Christian woman. It’s no wonder Catholics are confused about who they are. The Church boldly declares feminine traits are part of a woman’s core identity, deeply rooted in their souls, not just apparent in their physical appearance. Saint John Paul II, in his letter  On the Dignity and Vocation of Women , explains God created women to be different but equal to men as complementary partners, be it as married or religious/consecrated or single women. Our contemporary culture opposes this view as misogynistic. Some feminists promote the idea that women are born as blank slates with exactly the same traits as men, dismissing femininity as simply learned behaviour. If this were not confusing enough, society now toys with the idea of a blending of genders. We have somehow lost the truth about how great being a woman actually is. continue

Our Lady's Image - Veiling Series

Happy Tuesday All, I hope your day is blessed. I wanted to invite you all to participate in a Veiling Series on my blog. There is a new lady telling her veiling story every Tuesday. We hope to have a husband or two and a Priest or two also participate. Additionally, there are many kinds of head coverings that are being spoken about. If you are discerning wearing a head covering or you already wear one, you will love this series. The Introduction to Our Lady's Image is here: Our Lady's Image, An Introduction So far, I have told my story: Our Lady's Image, My Veiling Story Karen Zenti has told her story: Our Lady's Image, Karen's Veiling Story Mae Lacy has told her story: Our Lady's Image, Mae Lacy's Veiling Story AND - today, Lily Wilson Beck has told her story: Our Lady's Image, Lily's Veiling Story Next Tuesday there will be a new story told. Each story is original to the series (meaning we've all told our stories before but these