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Broken Home; Broken Peace

Timmy and Tammy are ten-year-old twins, who come home from school every day to an empty house. As a society, we commonly refer to such children as “latch-key children.” More and more responsibility is placed on such children to self-discipline themselves to do their homework and complete their chores. It is no longer monetarily feasible for one parent to stay at home. Life gets even more complicated and overwhelming when a person must raise their children without the loving support of a spouse. Timmy and Tammy’s mom, Tiffany, has little time for her twins. Her boss is overbearing, demanding, and unaccommodating when it comes to balancing home and work life. Work usually wins out because Tiffany is a single mom, and sole bread-winner for her family. Their dad is long gone and out of the picture, resulting in just one more broken home. Tiffany struggles with balancing her time and attention between work and home. Sometimes it is just physically easier to ignore her children’s wants