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I write for Catholic 365. Most writers already attract a lot of exposure on this new site. The editors are looking for new writers, as well as for people to sign up for their newsletter. Sign up to Catholic 365 newsletter for your chance to win “The Gospel According to Morty”. Just go to their site at “The Gospel According to Morty” is a collection of faith essays by humor writer and recovering atheist Bill Dunn. The title essay is the story of Mordecai “Morty” Thunder, the unofficial 13th apostle and cousin of James and John. Morty was an eye-witness of Jesus’ ministry, and he refutes the claim that Jesus never laughed, and explains that joy and laughter are crucial aspects of the Christian life. Also included in the book are these essays: “A Connecticut Yankee in King Jesus’ Court,” “Is the Real Presence Really Real?” and “The Unauthorized Homily.” read more