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Are We Living a Shadow Life?

Plato's allegory of the cave explains the difficulty that Christians have as they try to explain their life in the Spirit. to unbelievers. The worst possible fate for me would be to die and discover that I had lived an existence similar to the allegory described in Plato’s Cave. Plato describes man’s condition as similar to living chained in a cave, looking at shadows on the wall cast from a candle; believing that was what life was all about. When one person manages to break free and stumbles out into daylight, he realizes that what he thought was real was merely shadows of real objects. continue

Discovering the Fountain of Youth

Advertisers have tapped into a universal craving to stop the relentless ravages of time in the human body by pushing countless gimmicks to keep us youthful. These products keep us healthy, but the secret fountain of youth is not a thing to buy but rather an attitude, an inner way of living. Youth is not found in a bottle of vitamins or in a jar of face cream. Youth is found when we connect with the source of all life deep in the ground of our being. There are countless ways to connect with the Holy Spirit but as a mother, I discovered a secret, a secret few people seem to recognize. Living with little people keeps you young.       continue

The Normal Christian Life

For me, the worst possible fate would be to die, come into the Light of Christ and to realize too late I had wasted my life playing games and wearing masks. I want, no,  I need, to live in reality. Tears spring to my eyes and a deep yearning stabs my heart to discover and live my destiny. We have all read the experiences of  saints who claimed to live in mystical union with Christ.The image that comes to mind is of medieval saints who were morose and miserable, wearing hair shirts and living on bread and water. However, I discovered that the claims of saints are not bogus, but true. Furthermore, that they achievements are completely realistic, and that I should expect to live  joyfully  in the Resurrection.  The accounts of the saints might be couched in fanciful, archaic language, but they are not allegories or fairy tales. continue reading

Atheists: Compassion Not Condemnation

It is easy to become self-righteous or defensive when I feel attacked by  atheists. It is a natural, human reaction. However, indignant rants which bludgeon the unbeliever with the ‘truth’ treats them as objects and not an intelligent people who are also loved by God.  When I am  secure in the Love of God, I can love and respect everyone because I do not feel threatened.  Then it is possible to encourage real dialogue which actually listens to the crux of  atheists’ concerns and doubts. Such dialogue opens the door for the Holy Spirit to become the Divine Moderator of the discussion. 1 Corinthians 13: 4   Love is always patient and kind; love is never jealous; love is not boastful or conceited,  5   it is never rude and never seeks its own advantage, it does not take offence or store up grievances.  6   Love does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but finds its joy in the truth….. 9 For we know only imperfectly…  12  Now we see only reflections in a mirror, mere riddles, but then we shall

You are MINE and I Am Yours

Aware of personal weakness and failure. After years of striving  for more of His Presence ego and pride had shattered. I was exhausted and defeated. SUDDENLY, breaking through the clammer of mundane, mindless duties, unexpected words  pop into my mind seemingly out of nowhere. "You are Mine"  but even more startling,  "I am yours".     Frozen in shocked confusion,  read more>

Discovering Joy Inspite of Myself

I discovered  joy in the most unlikely place,  in the midst of suffering. Years ago, living in poverty, united with a husband struggling with depression and surrounded by the clamour and demands of nine children, I was stretched to my limits of endurance. Lack of sleep was part of the reason that most of my inner walls of defense crumbled and hidden, inner demons tormented my dreams. I felt my emotional pain physically, as though a dagger had pierced my heart. Angels'  Wings It was easy to picture myself as a victim. It was easy to let go of my innate optimism and sink into moments of self-pity. I did not want mere happiness. I knew that there is a world of difference between happiness and joy. Happiness is dependant on circumstances but I knew that it is possible to dwell in joy, even in the most dire of circumstances. To me happiness is a fickle, surface emotion that is fleeting at best, impossible to even touch when I am surrounded by difficulties. Yet it was pre