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Experiencing Doubt? Seek Confidence in God

When I speak of seeking confidence, I am not referring to confidence in anything humanity has to offer. Confidence in one’s own abilities is fleeting. Any confidence one might have in others is subject to disappointment as a result of selfishness. Instead, I suggest that we all need to seek confidence in God. So, when you experience doubt, confusion, and distress, seek confidence in what God can do for you. God is omnipotent (all powerful), omniscient (all-knowing) and omnipresent (ever present). Our Lord knows what is best for you and has the power to make things happen for you. He knows your future, and what you need. Also, He never leaves your side. He walks the journey with you, guiding you, comforting you, and giving you confidence in His abilities. God gives us everything we need to fulfill His plan for us. Seek Confidence I experience my own doubts, confusion and distress. For example, a family member recently told my husband and me that she has cancer. Such a diagnosi

Place Your Confidence in Christ

In what do you place your confidence? Might it be your own knowledge? Your abilities to conquer any situation? Where does Christ fit into the equation? Do you face this world on your own, or do you place your confidence in Christ? When we place our confidence in Christ, we are in essence doing the following: Acknowledging Christ’s omnipotence (all-powerful Being), His omniscience (all-knowing), and His omnipresence (ability to be present everywhere). This requires some humility , acknowledging our own limitations. Trusting in His promise to always be by our sides, guiding us (Matt 28:20). This requires some faith , acknowledging... Read more...  

Transforming Prayer with Humility and Confidence

I think God is pleased with all our prayers, no matter how imperfect they may be. After all, even if we’re pretty distracted, the fact that we’re praying tells God that we care. We believe in him. We want him involved in our lives. And he’s merciful. If we take one step toward him, he’ll take ten toward us. So if you’re praying and trying to connect with God even just once a day ( more about how to do that here ), you’re already doing great. But there is a way to make our prayers more meaningful. Our attitudes make a difference. Not because God gives more grace or less grace depending on how “good” our prayer is, but because the state of our mind and heart makes a difference on how open we are to receiving that grace. Think of the simple image of a cup. You’re standing before a waterfall. The water flows on, and on, and on… ceaselessly. How much you receive depends on you, and the cup you bring with you. If your cup is full of other stuff, you can’t take as much water away wi

Here's Why Prayer Matters

©Studio-Annika/Getty Images Prayer works. But how? When? To what extent?  These are the questions parents and teachers ask me at every talk I give for the Apostleship of Prayer. And so I tell a story. Join me at Praying with Grace , please!