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From Writing Blog Posts and Making Podcasts to Full-Time for God

I have worked with Pete Socks online for years.  Pete is an example of someone who volunteered to serve the Church by writing articles on his blog and for online Catholic sites without pay for years till God opened the door to a full-time paying job creating  Catholic podcasts and helping manage BreadBox Media. He is a humble guy, was a manager at a factory, and a happily married father of five who converted to the Catholic faith in 1996. After a few years, he found himself simply going through the motions, just trudging to weekly Mass.  God had other plans, though. Pete experienced a reconversion when he stumbled on a book by Father Larry Richards and then attended one of his conferences. It was a turning point. Pete had discovered the key to reviving his lackluster faith in books; he began reading voraciously, a book a week, to nourish his spirit. In 2012, he decided to start a self-hosted blog writing book reviews, writing a review each week. continue reading
Cristina Trinidad visits A Seeking Heart with Allison Gingras on   We discuss a fabulous new book that I was sent to review  and fell in love with How to Read Your Way to Heaven by Vicki Burbach (Sophia Institute Press)

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Money Matters (but GOD is always First)

Letting Go of Bad Habits In January, 2016, on A Seeking Heart with Allison Gingras, I had the pleasure of interviewing Manage Your Money God's Way hosts, Jon and Evelyn Bean.   The version of the book I featured on the show that week was Your Money Counts, written Howard Dayton and adapted to reflect a Catholic approach by the Beans.  As usual the Holy Spirit is bringing just what I need, just WHEN I need it.  Well, truth be told I probably NEEDED it 25 years ago but... now that we are drowning in the financial mess not having this book for 25 years has brought us, the timing works!
2017 UPDATE: We have learned to doggy-paddle; by this time next year we should be onto the breast-stroke.  This system, rooted solidly in biblical principle and reliant on God's grace are a HOME RUN!
At the end of my show, I mentioned I would be definitely blogging my progress as I tried to implement the lessons I learned in reading Your Money Counts.   The Beans had a wonderful idea and a generous …

Elizabeth and Allison Both Interviewed The Admin of ACWB, Melanie, on BreadBox Media

Last year in 2015, I recorded two interviews for Catholic radio shows. Now you can actually hear my voice and learn more about my faith and life as a convert. Here is a radio interview I did with Elizabeth Reardon, last year on her show on Breadbox Media: An Engaging Faith Featuring Melanie Jean Juneau And if that is not enough for you try this one- 10,700 people have already lived through it: continue

Riding Your Dragons - Reflections for Challenging Times

A Seeking Heart with Allison Gingras on Breadbox Media - is an 'on-air' book club - finding the best spiritual reading and sharing it with listeners as if we are friends around my kitchen table with a cup of our favorite brew!  On these episodes, I spent time looking at some of the challenges in our lives - family (everyone is related to or friends with an Eeyore!); finances (shared another miraculous prayer answer); parenting and health issues.   To listen or for more podcasts visit :  ReconciledToYou

A Papal Pilgrimage in the Holy Land: NEW Series

Diana von Glahn - also know as The Faithful Traveler -- visits A Seeking Heart with Allison Gingras (BreadboxMedia) to discuss her new MAGNIFICENT series: 
We look at the 3 main locations featured in the series:  Jordan, Bethlehem and Israel​We learn how Diana came to produce A Papal Pilgrimage in the Holy LandHear about the SUPER embarrassing thing I did concerning Diana back in 2008Let your mouth water as Diana shares some of the amazing Holy Land meals and treats Did you know why Pope Francis made this historic trip? Diana makes some compelling arguments for joining her some day on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land .... you will be sold too!!  To READ MORE - or listen to Diana's Podcast visit: Reconciled To You / Radio Show All Rights Reserved, Allison Gingras 2016

Radio Interview with Mary Graham: Conversion & Generational Sin

Mary Graham interviewed me for her series of radio shows called “Living Witnesses.” Mary also hosts Adoration Radio.  Her bio on Breadbox Media reveals a woman who has impressive experience in radio.

You can hear my podcast on Breadbox Media

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