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Find Joy in Lenten Sacrifices

I know some people who dread the season of Lent because all they can see is sacrifice and loss and they don’t want to participate in either. They don’t want to give anything up for Lent. Nor, do they want to refrain from eating meat on Fridays. In addition, little to no interest exists in giving of their time and/or talent for the love of God and neighbor. Yet, sacrifice has a purpose meant to draw us closer to God. We can find joy in Lenten sacrifices. Those who do wish to partake in the Lenten season usually give up their favorite foods/drink. Others sacrifice their free time and use it to do good deeds for others. This year my husband and I are taking a different approach. We’re combing through our house, looking for items to donate to charity. We’ve found old clothes that are perfectly good but don’t fit anymore. These clothes would be best placed with someone who needs them. That gives us joy! We’re also looking for household items – things from throughout the house that I h