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Women's Book Clubs

Every year about this time I get a number of inquiries about women’s groups. Summer is winding down and the anticipation of autumn stirs a woman’s spirit towards a more contemplative time of year. I love hearing that women want to start study groups or book clubs; and so I always try to post an article on how to get something like this started. (And I’m always available at to answer questions!) I’ve been invited on Brian Patrick’s EWTN Sonrise Morning Show next week to talk about the great value Catholic fiction in our faith walk so it made sense to also get this post going about starting a women’s book club—to sort of go hand-in-hand with that guest spot next week. Starting a book club is so much easier than you may think and if you’ve been toying with the idea, I’m hoping this will give you the courage to go for it! First: Pick your book. Decide if you want to read fiction or non-fiction. Since I’ll be talking with Brian about fiction books

Talking Catholic Fiction with Marcus Grodi

How many books have you read in the past year or so? (This doesn’t count the ones that you started but did not finish and now languish on a shelf gathering dust.) I’m talking about books that you have read cover to cover. That may reduce the number by as much as half if you are anything like most people—so don’t feel bad! And of those books, how many are Catholic fiction? So now the question is: How many Catholic fiction books have you read in the past year or so from cover to cover? Sadly, the odds of an adult Catholic reading a Catholic fiction book are pretty miniscule—especially on a consistent basis. I know this from the countless people I have talked with over the years as well as from my professional experience as a publisher working with Catholic bookstores and so on. Ever since I taught parochial middle school English and religion, I’ve been on a bit of a mission in this regard. Add to that the years (decades, really) that I’ve watched my good friend devour her Protesta

Catholic Alternative to 50 Shades of Grey

I enjoyed speaking with Brian Patrick this morning on Sonrise Morning Show about Catholic alternatives to 50 Shades of Grey . Alternatives that engage and still bring the journey of a lost soul to a Christian close. In particular I found sharing Philippians 4:8 rather important: Whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is gracious, if there is any excellence and if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things. If you are interested in such a book--one that speaks to the human condition with a Christian tone and resolution--then I invite you to download Elizabeth: A Holy Land Pilgrimage on your Kindle for free if you are an Amazon Prime Member.  Lisa Hendey gives  Elizabeth: A Holy Land Pilgrimage 5 stars and calls it "engrossing" and "rewarding."  And who doesn't like a free book? Cheryl Dickow