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In November, We Honor Our Beloved Dead

The Church Militant, The Church Suffering, The Church Triumphant     These terms are the terms I learned when growing up and learning about our Catholic Faith.  Although not used in the modern Catechism, they are referred to by their meanings, not the terms.     The Church Militant is we who are alive and battling the battle, fighting the fight against sin each day.  We are the part of the Church who can still intercede for those who have died and speed their entry into heaven.     The Church Suffering refers to those souls who have been saved but are suffering in Purgatory, waiting to be cleansed, longing for the day they can be united with God.     The Church Triumphant are those souls who have been purified and live in heaven praising God and interceding for those of us on earth and in Purgatory.     We are all united as a part of the Church, the Catholic Church, founded by Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.      Two days of the year are devoted pr