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New on the Blogroll: Tony Agnesi's Finding God's Grace Radio Program

There's a new item on the blogroll , Tony Agnesi's Finding Grace Radio Program: Tony Agnesi ( ) " Finding God's Grace in Every Day Life " Finding God's Grace Radio Program My Blog More accurately, the new item is that link to a description of Tony Agnesi's new radio program: Finding God's Grace Radio Program (December 29, 2014) " We are pleased to announce the debut of Finding God’s Grace beginning the January 7th on the Living Bread Radio Network, WILB 1060AM in Canton, Ohio and WILB-FM 89.5 in Boardman/Youngstown, Ohio. The program will also be available from Itunes, Stitcher, Tune-in Radio and Podbean, and here at Finding God's Grace is a one hour weekly interview program featuring Catholic guests from around the globe with interesting, compelling stories.... " That's the entire post. If you want to see it on A Catholic Citizen in America ( catholiccitizenamerica.blogspot.c

World Communications Day 2012

The Daughters of St Paul are a religious congregation with a particular mission to evanglising through the media. In the past, this has been typically the print media and then audio-visual media. Nowadays it includes the electronic media. One of their sisters in the United States has a blog which reflects their engagement with electronic media:  Windows to the Soul Blog . I have in the past found it an interesting blog because of posts offering reviews of films or observations about how films, sometimes unexpected films, provide a way of exploring questions of a spiritual nature. Another of their sisters has written a reflection on silence to mark the World Communications Day: The Sounding Silence . I was particularly taken by this paragraph, referring to Pope Benedict's message 2012 World Communications Day entitled Silence and Word: Path for Evangelisation : The Pope wrote exclusively about silence as it relates to interpersonal communication and the sharing of “advice, ideas

The Face Of God

It is quite easy to see the Face of God in a a Toddler. It gets much more difficult as we grow... Thus, many find it easy to criticize, berate and many times belittle the work, the journey, the discovery and the challenges of a Tween and especially of a Teen. I am just as guilty as the rest for saying that Teens are God's punishment for having sex! For the record, that still and always WILL make me laugh!  Hate to say it, but I know I was to my Mom and my kids can be for me as well. Thank God for Humour! It helps to make the yoke lighter. But in all seriousness, we many times fail to see God in the works or our Youth. We fail to give them the Credit that they deserve. I have read too many articles that go on and on as to how the Church is losing numbers in droves.  How the Youth are apathetic and that there is little hope for Our Future... Well, they are WRONG!  Dead and Thank-God Wrong! Our Youth are Filled with the Holy Spirit!  Our Youth are set A