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Could I Actually Be Eating Too Much Arsenic?? Here’s Why Taking A Look At Rice Intake Is A Must!

With all of the never-ending (and sometimes conflicting) diet-related news in the media these days, it can be difficult to know which stories really matter—and that should be (or not be!) taken seriously. Well, this is one I'm taking very seriously... especially now that it has become necessary for me to be 'gluten-free' for the sake of my health & well-being.... A story that circulated through the news several months ago, stemming from the Consumer Reports' article on arsenic in rice ["How much arsenic is in your rice"]… Yet, lately, I couldn't help but notice how my own rice intake seemed to be creeping up on me [rather than down!], particularly by way of 'hidden' sources... There are side-dishes of rice, rice soups, rice cereals, rice cakes, rice crackers, rice drinks, rice syrup, rice flour, rice in many gluten-free baked goods, including rice in my gluten-free pretzels and pasta!  Time then for a little review, for us all, ri