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Honor One’s Father and Mother - A Look at the Fourth Commandment

For anyone to effectively honor one’s father and mother, it involves much more than doing everything you’re told to do. Yes, fathers and mothers deserve respect from their children, as the Fourth Commandment states. However, children also deserve respect from their parents. Everyone in the family is expected to imitate Christ’s love, affection and kindness, as well as the spirit of service. As Adults, How Do We Stack Up? The demands of work, society and other outside influences can override the time that we should be spending with family. When we should be giving our time to our family, we are working late. Or, when we should opt for spending time with family, we opt instead for dinner out with friends. If we are choosing to place our family second to personal interests, then how can we expect our children to respect us in the manner we would like? It starts with us, as the adults. How to Teach Children to Honor One’s Father and Mother So how do we make it all happen? We st