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Name the Lady?and a word about posts

Quite a few ladies have asked about/suggested names for the blogging regency lady pictured above. I don't know were Jackie got the picture so she may have a name already but I don't mind if you guys wish to have a little poll to see what name to use if she hasn't got one already! Sorry if things are a bit bumpy as I am not that good with the technical side of things,I'm not quite a Luddite but I am definitely ignorant of computer programming, :) Just a quick word about posts Jackie and I   decided if one person doesn't think something is truly in the spirit of charity or is felt by someone not to be, or is too much of a propaganda piece for any particular business we will remove it.We all have our own blogs for that sort of thing if we really want to post them, but here we want to be charitable, loving and supportive.