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A Lesson From the Father in the Elevator and the Grocery Store this Afternoon

I believe people are put in front of us for a reason. Today was an example of that... Today was super busy: studying, Mass, lunch with friends, a visit to a grant competition for our older son and then the fitness center, where I haven't been in more than a week. Tomorrow looks even busier. Keep Reading...

Now What?

Okay, so my son helped me get set up with a Twitter account yesterday. And while I am not sure about this latest foray--mostly because I don't want it to gobble up my God-time--I wonder what the strange new world will hold. As I shopped this morning for some ingredients to a new recipe that I will be trying out tonight, I found myself thinking of things to tweet. For instance I needed something called Kaffir Lime Grass and was clueless; I suddenly thought of my 4 followers and wondered if any could help... Just what I was afraid of! Usually I am thinking about God when I grocery shop. I think I need to talk with some Twitter czars and see how they do it all! Any suggestions? Cheryl Dickow