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The McCarrick Sexual Abuse Scandal, the Question of Who is to Blame: The Church is a Hospital

Thoughts on the Scandal I remember my heartbreak over the sexual abuse scandal, when it broke a little over a year ago.  As survivors came forward, it was clear that there was something rotten within the heads of the Catholic Church and in the Vatican. Mccarrick was subsequently defrocked (in February of this year.) My conversation with friends about the state of the Church as this scandal was unfolding was basically the same thing: heartbreak.  The decades-long crisis cut across generations, denominations, states, and countries. Despite my disgust at the state of the unity of the Catholic Church, and my literal distance from the abuse crisis, my conviction is in staying with the Church and focusing on her beauty, even in her darkest times. The biggest question, in my humble opinion, is to ask who is to blame? Cardinal Dinardo stated in the wake of the scandal, "Innocent men may be tainted by false accusation, or guilty men may be left to repeat the sins of the past.&quo