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Walking Together - Small Group Know-How

STEP ONE Pick a time, date and location for your small group to meet .  My recommendation is to commit to meeting weekly; especially if the group is being formed only for Lent. Location can be either in your home, a rotation of homes, or at your parish.  My advice - weigh the pros and cons to decide which is best for you and your group - then trust your instincts! Some of the cons for a home meeting include having to limit attendees due to space, having to clean for company ( (my primary obstacle) , or limited parking.  Small group size is typically 8 to 10; although 12 -15 is doable especially for a short period of time like the 6 weeks of Lent.  If you are blessed with a high response rate - consider creating more than one small group either at the same or various locations. Pros for meeting in a home include it's often cozier and may be less intimidating for some who do not typically attend church related events.  The most important part is remembering the goal of the g

A Women's Study with all the Pieces

Looking for a woman's study for your small (or large) group but not sure where to start? Whether you are new to women's studies or well-versed, you will enjoy the Servant Books publication of W rapped Up: God's Ten Gifts for Women . It has all the pieces that make it an ideal choice. There is the book itself which explores the ten gifts God gives every woman. These include such things as living a sacramental life, forgiveness and accepting God's love. . Each chapter is explored from an Old Testament perspective and a New Testament perspective. ( The book is also available on Kindle.) The accompanying journal  gives general instructions on running a study and encourages every woman to explore the gifts in-depth. What makes this a particularly enjoyable study is that there is also an  audio component  where you can hear each author (Teresa Tomeo and myself) read her chapter. A nice way to use this is play the audio for the group and then let the Spirit move the