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Money Matters (but GOD is always First)

Letting Go of Bad Habits In January, 2016, on  A Seeking Heart with Allison Gingras , I had the pleasure of interviewing  Manage Your Money God's Way  hosts, Jon and Evelyn Bean.   The version of the book I  featured on the show  that week was  Your Money Counts , written Howard Dayton and adapted to reflect a Catholic approach by the Beans.  As usual the Holy Spirit is bringing just what I need, just WHEN I need it.  Well, truth be told I probably NEEDED it 25 years ago but... now that we are drowning in the financial mess not having this book for 25 years has brought us, the timing works! 2017 UPDATE:  We have learned to doggy-paddle; by this time next year we should be onto the breast-stroke.  This system, rooted solidly in biblical principle and reliant on God's grace are a HOME RUN! At the end of my show, I mentioned I would be definitely blogging my progress as I tried to implement the lessons I learned in reading  Your Money Counts .   The Beans had a wo

Bloggers are Writers Too: On Real Life Radio

The week before Mother’s Day, Allison Gingras hosted five Catholic Women Bloggers to bring an awareness about a new type of Catholic writer.  Bloggers are real writers, she stressed,  they simply use a different medium to reach the public with their message. Allison is the host of a  10 a.m. weekday talk show called  A Seeking Heart  with Allison Gingras .  continue