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Reader Q&A: The Catholic vs. Protestant View of the Mass

I recently received a question in my email box, and  I thought it was an interesting question and the thoughts it brought out seemed like they would be beneficial to share in this space. Now, my prior disclaimer is twofold: first, that I am a convert, and none of my (extended) family is Catholic. And two: I'm not sharing this to threaten anyone into converting. I'm just doing so because it gives me joy to share more about my faith. So. There's that to contend with- I'm new at this- and two, keep in mind as I answer this and perhaps other questions in the future that I'm doing this simply in response to a question I received.  I still wanted to address it here on the blog, and do so anonymously, just to remain, as always, on the safe side. The person asked: Tacy, As someone who was Protestant and is now Catholic, what do you think of the following article? The Gospel for Roman Catholics @ For the Church Is he representing Catholic doctrine fairly?  If he i