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Tis the Season... to Prepare!

Happy Advent all! …in our Season of Hope & Preparation! Still, yet, it can also be a season of many, many challenges [to body, mind, & spirit!] …in this time of year that’s well known for setting us back [if not completely derailing us] on the way of wellness & weight management. SO IS IT HOPELESS, THEN, TO BELIEVE OUR YEAR SHOULD BE ENDING [AND OUR LITURGICAL YEAR BEGINNING] IN A BETTER, MORE HEALTHFUL WAY?? Of course, it’s not hopeless!!   …And Hope (& Triumph) can certainly be found through the very thing that the Season itself proclaims to us with Joy… Be Prepared! :)  It is in being prepared that we will best meet the extra challenges of this extra busy time of year! So, in recalling the previous “Tis the Season…” reflection here on The Way to Nourish… we had 3 options [+3 tips] … >> Click Here to Read More at: The Way to Nourish for Life >> ...including a look at one such challenge!